ADVERTISING + ATHLETICS – In 1919, Hood capitalized on changes in mass media, continuously advertising its products in magazines such as Ladies’ Home Journal and The Saturday Evening Post. The company’s beautifully illustrated advertising reached millions of consumers on a weekly basis, persuading Americans to buy all types of footwear, from waterproof rubber boots to tennis shoes and children’s sneakers. Athletic shoes for nearly every sporting endeavor were developed, significantly increasing sales volume. In the early ‘20s, Hood ventured into athletic youth footwear, releasing the original Hood Sandlot and Husky Sneakers for general play and athletics; the high-cut sneaker was promoted as a stylish shoe for all-around outdoor use.  

Below is an advertisement from 1923 illustrated by Norman Rockwell, touting that Hood sold 10 million pairs of shoes the previous year.  It was the roaring 20's and the sneaker business was booming.