Hood marketed several successful basketball shoes during the 1920s, including the Centre, the Forward, and it's premium model known as the Greyhound.   Shown Below is the 1924 Greyhound, touted by Hood advertisements at the time as, "The finest Basketball Shoe ever produced."


THE HOOD CONFERENCE - In 1931 Hood replaced the Greyhound with its newest "high grade" model called "the Conference".   Revolutionary for its molded rubber outsole and especially its use of a distinctive ribbed, reinforced toe bumper, the Conference quickly rose to popularity among the country's top high school, college, and eventually NBA players.  The iconic Conference would continue to be perfected over the next 20 years and become Hood's top selling and most often imitated style.  Shown below are the 1934, 1941, and the timeless 1955 model year Conferences, respectively.